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Howdy, there! Are you ready to round up your development program?

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Amy offers the strategies, tools and support you need to increase your fundraising acumen and raise more money.

Amy is passionate about supporting nonprofit leaders in overcoming internal and external obstacles, seizing opportunities, and maximizing the impact of their work.

She has designed and executed dozens of capital campaigns, ranging in size from $1 million to $250 million. And, she has experience implementing social investment and community capital campaigns.

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"Amy provided guidance and hands-on practical advice and tools that  resulted in Lavender Right's Project exceeding our annual fundraising goals. She is a compassionate visionary leader and an inspiring mentor. She acts with deep integrity and passion for each of her clients."

Randy Ford,
Director of Development, Lavender Rights Project

“Amy has provided sage, creative, and strategic counsel to me in executive leadership roles over the past few years, developing around my style and strengths while filling in my gaps. I have appreciated her hands-on approach, and her ability to switch very easily between a high-level perspective that looks out across the philanthropic and communications landscape and a drilled-down approach that is very customized to my agency’s greatest needs and opportunities.”

Marcia Wright-Soika,
Executive Director,

“Amy’s analysis of our organization’s readiness to begin a capital campaign was exactly what we needed.  She beautifully blended brutal honesty with a professional demeanor that our Board appreciated.”

Mark Pursley,
Executive Director,

Greater Maple Valley Community Center

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